Jobs at Logseq

Open Positions

None at this time.

We are always looking for awesome people to work with, so we encourage you to apply at

Core Values

📚 Learning

We are a learning company. Our goal is to maximize the intelligence of the world.

🔑 Data Ownership + Privacy

We want a future of ownership and privacy. It's the future we'll build. We're tired of predatory data practices and Facebook fucking everything up. When you look into an ideal future... how do people handle their data?

🤝 Community

Everyone at Logseq is in our community and support channels in tight collaboration. We build better together. Our DNA is built on helping whoever we can and giving gratitude. Helping people is why we started Logseq.

🎨 Great Design + Innovative HCI

We care deeply about great design. We craft memorable experiences that are joyful, beautiful, fast, and intuitive. No product changes the world with bad design. Especially in the world of bits and algorithms, to solve worldly problems, we have to design for everyone.

🔭 Experimental + Risk Taking

Risk is directly proportional to impact. We’re more than a "notes app". Only a handful of teams per generation are granted an opportunity to revolutionize how humans interact with technology, but we're one of those teams. With experience from CERN, Alibaba, Streamlabs, Logitech and more, our team shoots for the stars. Our investors care about the future of humanity over timely returns. At Logseq, we'll deliver what early computing pioneers dreamed of to revolutionize the interface between human and digital information. Today we are a notes app, but deep down, we are a BCI (Brain-computer interface) company, interfacing human knowledge and computing machines... to build a smarter world. We leave space in development cycles for experimentation.

Don't try small things... do what excites you. It may not work, but the future will remember you if it does.

Perks and Benefits

💸 "Remote Work" Stipend

As a remote first team, we want everyone to have their ideal work environment no matter where they are. We’ll pay up to $850/per month ($10,200/per year) to help you build the life and work environment where you will do your life’s best work, anywhere in the world. This can be used to change where you work (home gets boring!), a coworking space, new headphones, the awesome new MacBook Pro, to buy gifts for your closest friends and family, enjoy your life, etc. whatever, really! We want Logseq to be the best place you will ever work.

🩺. Health Insurance

We offer health insurance plans with local partners, offered via Deel.

🧘 Mental Health & Wellbeing

$200/month health & wellness stipend. Work is tough… go get a massage! Or head to the gym, on us!

🌴 Time Off

Take time to rejuvenate, it's a marathon not a sprint. Take off your nationally observed holidays, as well as 2 full weeks of paid vacation. We want you at your best–rest days and mental health days granted liberally.

📚 Educational Stipend

We are a learning company. We invest heavily in our team. Whether it’s a book or a workshop, we want our team to better themselves and continually improve. We will pay for educational materials and programs up to a soft limit of $1000/year. Exceptions granted regularly :)

📈 401K/Pension Match

Logseq makes it easy to save money for retirement. We have matching programs for retirement!

🐣 Parental Leave

We offer biological, adoptive, and foster parents paid time off to spend quality time with family.

Who are we and who fits on our team?

🚀 Ambitious and Mission Oriented

We aim to make your years at Logseq the most beautiful and meaningful years of your life. At the core of our organization is our passion for the future. We are building the global brain. Our impact is not measured in quarterly profits but in enabled generations and technological revolutions. Foremost, we want a better world for our children.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." Antoine de Saint Exupéry

If you long for the sea, we want you.

🤓 Humble, Honest and Over-communicative

We share information openly, broadly, and deliberately and are extraordinarily candid with each other. Everyone is wrong sometimes, but we'd rather reason towards truth via candor and speed than ego and blame. The richest information arises in free communication. We treat criticism and feedback as a gift and an opportunity to get better and not as an judgement on ones character/ability.

As a remote company, we can't afford long drawn out conversations. We have calls but don't depend on them. We're good at writing and creating memos. This allows us to translate and communicate async while getting straight to the core questions and ideas quicker.

🥇 Exceptional

To do what we want with the limited resources we have as a company, we only have room for the best in the world. We make room only if you have evidence of exceptional ability, and we only keep our highly effective people.

👍🏽 Independent

We encourage independent decision making by our employees and hate rules and processes. We only hire the best in the world, and the best don't need parenting.

🙋‍♂️ Action Oriented

We don't sit around and wonder, we do. It's okay to be wrong, but it's bad to not try. We always bias toward action. We are a small team and can adjust to new inputs quickly, that is our advantage.