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Do you need help with Logseq Sync?

If after reading the Logseq Sync manual you still have questions or you run into problems, please send an email to and provide the following information:

  1. The email address you use for Logseq Sync.
  2. The exact issue you're running into. (Please add a screenshot or video if you can)
  3. What have you already tried to solve the issue?
  4. The version of Logseq are you using (exact version number).
  5. The device(s) and operating system(s) are you using.
  6. Apart from Logseq Sync, do you sync your graph using a third-party service (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.)?

Do you need help with anything else?

Please check our documentation, community hub, or get help from fellow Logseq enthusiasts on Discord or our forum.