About Logseq and this blog

Logseq is a privacy-first, open-source knowledge base. We help people become better learners and thinkers by providing the best thinking tool possible. Are you storing private thoughts? Logseq works fully on your device, giving you total control over your data.

This blog exists to help you get the most out of Logseq. No matter your use cases for Logseq, this is the place to learn how to do it. Have you found your ideal Logseq workflow(s)? We want to provide content creators a platform, so send us your pitch and let us promote your work!

Here are three things you can expect from the official Logseq blog:

Tutorials by fellow Logseq users

Logseq is simple yet powerful. To create workflows that help you get the most of this tool, it's useful to see how others are using it. This blog provides a platform for content creators who use Logseq for their daily activities. No matter if you're an academic, project manager, or just have a curious mind, you'll find content here on how to use Logseq for your roles.

Regular updates on Logseq features

Every two weeks we send out a newsletter with the latest news from the Logseq ecosystem. Not only do we share what we've added to the core app, we also highlight plugins and useful content from around the web.

Tips on learning and thinking through Logseq

To get most out of Logseq, it's not enough to know about its features. To truly become a better learner and thinker, you also need to think about thinking. How do you best process new information, turn it into knowledge, and then properly apply that new knowledge? On this blog we also have eye for these meta-skills.