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Frontend Design Engineer Position

Frontend Design Engineer Position

In our quest to build the best thinking tools, we're looking to grow our engineering team with a frontend engineer.

Join us and build tools that will help millions to work at the speed of thought.

Position Requirements

As a frontend engineer, you will design, scope, and implement our user facing products with attention to detail and polish, and regularly venture off into the frontier of human computer interaction.

More on our mission, values and culture here →

In short: Remote full time position in USA or EU ±2h. Build the future of knowledge for humanity in React and ClojureScript. Competitive salary for wherever you live and 0.25-.75% stock options in the company.

Why should you care about this role? 🤔

🌍 Change the world. We’re here to push the bounds of what computers can unlock within our collective minds, how they can reshape the way we think and reason together, discover insightful connections, arrive at creative explanations, and tackle complex problems. We believe in Nelson, Kay, and Engelbart and their bold visions of a Computer Renaissance. If you're thinking "I wasn’t meant to farm likes on another card app" (you know who), then this is the environment where you can start dreaming again. Work on what inspires you: be a part of the team that revolutionizes how humans interact with knowledge and information. Maximize the knowledge output of humanity, write the history of human progress, and accelerate our progress into the future.

We are a small and tight-knit team of 10. We invest a lot of time into getting the cultural and performance right, only hiring the smartest missionaries. It's a big mission we're after. Our team has built some of the best software in the universe at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Alibaba, Logitech, etc.

Beautiful design is at our core. We sweat details and regularly test the limits of HCI. We care  about accessible, joyful, and buttery interactions between our minds, our fingers and our digital super powers.

We're remote first. You get to live anywhere and work within USA ±2h timezone. Overall, we always try to make life really easy for you. We do meetings only when they're really needed. Not by default.

We are backed by the world's best investors and operators behind Airbnb, Instagram, Quora, Neuralink, SpaceX, Facebook, Stripe, GitHub, Shopify, Uber, AngelList, etc. You're in good company. Our advisor and investor network is there to help us wherever we need it, they're serious about helping us build a better world.

How did we design this role? 🎨

  • A love for polished experiences. We only build beautiful products. We can feel when it's just right, when the onboarding is magical, when we're awestruck by a magical product. And that's our bar. We make sure our users will get the best possible experience. It's important you enjoy the part of making things smoother than they need to be while getting the job done.
  • Support our users: We have awesome users, and supporting them often includes getting some help from the person that implemented the particular feature a customer is having issues with.
  • Flexible. As a startup, roles can be fluid. You will mainly work on the frontend/user facing part of the product, but everyone is open to helping wherever needed.
  • Our stack. We love quality and productivity. Design-wise and engineering wise. We use Clojurescript with Rum/React to allow us to ship fast and experiment faster.

Some nice to haves:

  • You have experience building complex interactive editor applications and/or building component systems from the ground up.
  • A passion for the knowledge management, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), or productivity spaces. You possess ample ambition to invent the future.
  • 2+ years working in front end engineering on functional + beautiful products. Even better if you’ve been on a remote team.
  • A high level of polish and UX sensibilities (bonus: product skills, a strong portfolio).
  • You have used ClojureScript in a production environment before, and feel comfortable using Clojure and functional programming in general to solve non-trivial problems.
  • Excellent English writing skills.
  • Desire to own entire features to customers and the team.

Our Interview Process

All of our conversations are two-way streets. We reserve time for the questions that you want to ask.

Our steps:

  1. Initial interview with Jakob, our designer (30 min ~ 1h)
  2. Take home assignment from Gabriel, an engineer. Code with us on the product!
  3. Follow up discussion on assignment.
  4. Reference call with 3 of your (former) colleagues (15min each)
  5. We make an offer!

Our offer and benefits 🌱

  • Salary: We pay $80-160,000 depending on your skill level.
  • Equity: 0.25% - 0.75% stock options of Logseq
  • Time off: 14 paid vacation days per year (PTO) + all of your nationally observed holidays
  • "Remote Work" stipend: up to $10,200 a year to make your work environment perfect. MacBooks, WeWorks/coworking, chairs, premium matcha tea, vacation tickets, wool socks, gifts for your closest friends... whatever! We want Logseq to be the best place you will ever work. Whatever you need.
  • Learning stipend: $1000 for books, workshops, anything to invest in your learning. Exceptions granted regularly.
  • Summits: We aim to bring everyone together twice a year.
  • Company health insurance policy: We'll of course take care of that. :)
  • 401k/Pension match plans: ✅
  • Parental leave: Paid time off to spend quality time with your family.

  • Make a big difference: We're building something history will remember. Be a core part of that. Own and implement decisions to build Logseq from scratch.
  • Remote-first team: We're based in Boston, Taipei, and Huangzhou. With plans to hire team members in all sorts of places. 🌍
  • Flexible working hours: We use meetings when needed and not per default. We care more about exceptional output than inputs.

More on our benefits here →

How to apply 👋

Fill out this short application.

If you want to stand out, choose a question or two below to answer, no rules here:

  • What is the future of HCI and learning?
  • What excites you about joining us?
  • What are you exceptional at?
  • What surprising thing have you learned in the last few months?

Other good ways to stand out is if you have meaningfully contributed to building a beautiful product in the past (or Logseq!), put a lot of love into a weird web app, or otherwise show passion for this craft.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at hi@logseq.com

We are lucky to hear from you! 🥳